About Us

Surbiton Associates was formed in 1996 as an independent consulting group specialising in the provision of information and consulting services to the Australian gold, mining and minerals industries.

Today, Surbiton Associates is best known for its up-to-date specialist knowledge of the Australian Gold Sector.

The company continues to publish information and provide expert media commentary on the gold industry, including a quarterly analysis of the sector’s performance and production, based on Surbiton Associates’ knowledge and proprietary long-term statistical data.

Its two principals have a combined 100 plus years of very broadly-based experience including geology and mineral exploration, banking, stockbroking, finance, minerals economics, media, strategy and general management. They also each hold relevant graduate and post-graduate qualifications.

Surbiton Associates is also the publisher of the book “The Great Gold Renaissance - The Untold Story of the Modern Australian Gold Boom 1982-2002”, which due to continuing demand has been reprinted as a second edition to coincide with the release of its sequel, “Australia’s Greatest Gold Boom” which covers the period from 2001 to 2021.